Terms and Conditions

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Rental Agreement Terms and Conditions   This agreement is entered into by Heart of Texas Roll-Off Dumpsters and ___________________________(customer).  The container shall be located at ______________________________________________, container #____________.   1. Customer agrees to pay the rate for the rental of the dumpster and the disposal of its contents as indicated below and agreed upon by the customer’s signature. Deposit is due when dumpster is delivered and balance is due at time of pick up unless other terms have been made. Payment can be made by cash, check, PayPal, or credit card. Dumpster rate includes Texas sales tax.  One (1) 15 yard dumpster for a total of seven (7) days with disposal of the  contents included for $___________.  Additional days will be charged $7.00/day. Customer must schedule pick up.   2. Weight limit of 

contents is (2) tons. Over (2) tons there is an additional charge of  $70.00/ton.  Maximum weight allowed is (4) tons/8000 lbs. Should weight exceed (4) tons/8000 lbs. an additional charge of $150.00 plus tonnage charge will be assessed.  The customer further agrees that the contents of the dumpster cannot exceed the height of the dumpster. Dumpsters that are overfilled will not be picked up and the customer will be charged for an extra day. If dumpster cannot be picked up for any reason after customer schedules pick up, a dry run fee of $50.00 will be added.   3. Prohibited items: The customer agrees that the following items may not be placed in any dumpster:    - Paint   - Motor oil  - Automotive fluids   - Solvents  - Pool chemicals   - Toxic/ hazardous materials  - Lawn fertilizers     - Medical waste/ medication  - Asbestos   - Herbicides/ pesticides  - Batteries   - Household cleaners/ bleach  - Bio-medical    - Explosives/ radioactive  - Freon   - Concrete*  - Dirt*   - Rock*  - Propane Tanks   - Chain Link Fencing  - Railroad Ties    - Asphalt  - Air conditioners - freezers - refrigerators   - Dead animals  - Tires -    Should any of the above items be discovered while unloading, customer agrees to pay all additional landfill charges and /or fines levied. Heart of Texas has the option of returning prohibited items to customer’s location.   4. Liability: We will do our best to avoid any damage to surfaces while delivering and picking up dumpster. However, Heart of Texas Roll-Off dumpsters will not be liable for any claims for damage of the customer’s pavement, driveway surface, grass, or dirt surface resulting from the roll-off dumpster or company truck servicing the dumpster. Customer releases Heart of Texas Roll-Off Dumpsters, and shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless Heart of Texas Roll-Off Dumpsters against all claims and damage to property or person arising out of the customer’s use.   5. Customer is responsible for any damage to dumpster or theft of dumpster while at customer’s location. No modification to dumpster is allowed. Dumpsters are not to be moved by customer. Heart of Texas will move dumpster upon request. However there is a $50.00 fee for relocation of dumpster at customer’s original location.   6. The laws of the State of Texas govern this agreement.       This agreement is entered into by:  

Customer: ___________________________________ Date: _________  

Heart of Texas Roll-Off Dumpsters Smithville TX: _______________________________Date: _________  

* Please note these items will increase dumpster weight significantly.